i think you should think and maybe refrain, from hitting those keys that cause so much pain. what you are writing, is it helpful, is it kind, do you need to thoughtlessly speak your mind. does your starving ego need to be fed, by being hurtful, and causing dread. once somethings said, you can’t take […]

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trust is like an onion, there are layers.  with no trust, the onion stays whole, even that very thin onion skin is intact.  with no trust, there are no tears, no risk is taken.  there is no pain or heartache, but there is also no pleasure, joy or fun.   peeling the layers is uncomfortable, […]

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Clocks a ticking, the sands to flow. Hard to say when it’s time to go. And yet we let our fear eat today. Not taking the risks to go and play. Come take my hand, take a chance, Enjoy the leaps of lifes dance. happy new year, by matthew t. cody

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The Truth is Out There

Words can be weaved, like pieces of string. Bringing people together to dance and to sing. Where laughter and joy are the main goal, That heals the holes in everyone’s soul. But there are evil people that weave a mess. Causing kaos, confusion and utter distress. They feed on fear, suffering and pain, And twist […]

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