The Truth is Out There

Words can be weaved, like pieces of string.

Bringing people together to dance and to sing.

Where laughter and joy are the main goal,

That heals the holes in everyone’s soul.

But there are evil people that weave a mess.

Causing kaos, confusion and utter distress.

They feed on fear, suffering and pain,

And twist the facts for their own gain.

How to defend, tell fictions from facts.

And separate warnings from vicious attacks.

That’s up to you, don’t give them permission,

To deceive you with falsehood and lies of omission.

Search for the truth, be a detective.

You will find holes where the weaving’s defective.

But some tapestries are perfect right from the start,

Made by ethical people who weave from the heart.

by matthew t. cody


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