Seeds contain the genetic code of plants. That is pretty simple, yes? The genetic code is like a computer code. The code has been refined for millions of years. Then, companies like Monsanto, use genetic engineering to change the seeds “Operating System”. Heritage/Heirloom seeds from older plants, before modification by methods other that crossbreeding the […]

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Goats having Brunch…

it has been a little while, but i had to find how to get the photographs off my camera and on to the computer.  since the update, the camera is no longer supported.  however, that is now a non-issue, i hope.  this was fathers’ day of this year.  Mama Gaot decided to take the kids […]

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Back on The Farm…

after about three or four weeks, i am back on the farm.  the goats and no longer babies, sort of teenagers with horns.  no… no ALL teenagers have them, at least i don’t think so. i will be taking photographs of the progress on the plant side also, so you well get to see how […]

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