Clocks a ticking, the sands to flow. Hard to say when it’s time to go. And yet we let our fear eat today. Not taking the risks to go and play. Come take my hand, take a chance, Enjoy the leaps of lifes dance. happy new year, by matthew t. cody

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Seeds contain the genetic code of plants. That is pretty simple, yes? The genetic code is like a computer code. The code has been refined for millions of years. Then, companies like Monsanto, use genetic engineering to change the seeds “Operating System”. Heritage/Heirloom seeds from older plants, before modification by methods other that crossbreeding the […]

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Sunday Morning Coffee…

a lazy sunday morning. every though bad coffee is better than no coffee, i still would prefer this. Coffee Crack of dawn, I feel half dead. One thing gets me out of bed. Fragrant drink, hot and bold. Fog releases its repressive hold. Eyes start to focus, life’s not too bad. Each mugs better that […]

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Panels from R.E.A.F.

I am reposting because I had forgotten to categorize the post.  Oppsie… It had been requested that I bring art to the art festival, so even though my primary reason for being there was to do a reading from “Soundings from an Empty Sea” I had made these for the show. The poems are in […]

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as beings i think humans are pretty screwed.  instead of just doing something, we think about it,  sometimes, MOST times too much.  there is something we want to do and we can picture the one way that will make us happy, but then we thing about the 286+ was that will make us miserable.  to […]

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