Seeds contain the genetic code of plants. That is pretty simple, yes?
The genetic code is like a computer code. The code has been refined for millions of years. Then, companies like Monsanto, use genetic engineering to change the seeds “Operating System”. Heritage/Heirloom seeds from older plants, before modification by methods other that crossbreeding the species. The problem is, what if they do not work. What if in fifteen years the genetically engineered wheat is found to cause adverse effects to the animals, including humans, that are consuming it. Just like computer programming, it is wise to save the older version incase the new version turns out to be a big hot steamy mound of fertilizer. Learn What companies are doing to the food you and you loved ones are consuming.

Safely secured in the shell,
Ensuring some will stay well.
Enduring the harshness of the year,
Dormant until the Spring is here.
Stiring when nature casts her spell.


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