The repeating of history…

though it did not take that long. i wonder if it ever does. which city in the united states is has the fastest internet speeds. lovely chatanooga, tennessee. amazing, isn’t it. what is more amazing is that the same companies that had come into power and are the united states’ major internet service provider are […]

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Medieval, an acrostic

Medieval Maidens Adorned in hennins tall. Earls and Barons heed the Queen’s call. Dukes in map-rooms plot and plan. Intrigues and treachery, used when they can. Evil seeps quickly, when out of it’s cage. Veiled by the knights’ visor or the hood of a mage. Asps in the shadows to poison the heart. Living at […]

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About a year and a half ago I was at an event where someone was doing face and body painting. I never allowed anyone to do this, but then I did. PAINT Provocative sultry hush. Artists kissing brush. Intimate licking strokes. Nearness of hands provokes. Teased skins telling flush.

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Pulling Sugar

Genus: Equus Species: Unicornis magna, physical evidence Posted on November 9, 2014 by Matt Cody I was visiting my brother and sister in law in the Oyster Bay Cove area. My brother wanted to try out a new lens he had bought, so he and I and his old Jack Russell terrier went to Sagamore […]

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