Timber, I’m Fallin’ in Love…


As stated before, i had spent a lovely month at a farm helping friends with the land and the animals. Not all of the animals are pets. It is, in fact, a rural area and most of the animals are not domesticated. For the record, the domesticated ones are the ones that i had been bitten, scratched and pounced upon. The photograph is of a itty bitty little cutie timber rattlesnake. The owner and my lovely Hostess was working on a special garden that is rock lined. The winter moved the stones and we were weeding and moving them back when i had pick up one of the larger stones, She spotted the snake. So, rather than having and surprise visits in the future, i carried the snake about three hundred yards away and let it go. It was the only animal up there that didn’t try to bite me. The snake loved the photo-op, but was happier when the paparazzi were gone. I am in the red shirt, the snake is naked and the good looking guy in the round hat i think is the game warden from the show “Eureka” … but probably not.


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