Just Kidding…


While visiting friends on their five acre-ish farm, i got to talk to the animals.  Doctor Dolittle i am not.  Don’t get me wrong, i like amimals and they mostly like me.  The blurryish pic shows me with my oh so lovely Hostess, the owner of the property.  We had just finished trimming the nanny and kids’ hooves.  She worked the sharp pointy object and i held the goats one at a time.  The kids where a little squirmy, but the hundred pound mommy goat with horns was not as good a client for the “peticure”.  However, as you can see, the kids got their revenge.  Goats DO love to climb, and being available, they had used me.  Kitty is having her revenge.


Grazing and bleating, during the day.
On sweet-feed and greens and timothy hay.
Actively searching for something to climb,
Treacherous and cute, most of the time.
Seeking new friends, so come visit and play.


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