after about eleven hours of travel, i am back in Yonkers, new york. the weekend at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival was enjoyable, but could have been more so, but that was me, not them. everyone one there was, at the bottom rung, nice. i don’t think i met a single unpleasant or unhappy individual there, from the hotel staff, to the people at the event, and espicially the people of RKS who ran the event. even when things were chaotic, the issues were worked out in a efficient, calm and relaxed manner, but still with notice to the level of urgency of each issue. all of the performers and presenters that i had seen or interacted with were fun and enjoyable to be with. my favorite were the Hot Rod Betties, who did an excellent job with their retro Pin Up look. i want to thank everyone for allowing me to read for people at REAF this year. the comments from those listening was encouraging. for me, the only downside was my addiction to diners and coffee shops, which sadly, i could not find in the area. however, that is a minor issue, i did like looking at the Gennessee River while having a coffee in the morning. no photos as the apple update might have decided it does not like my Kodak EasyShare, or it maybe me being an idiot.


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