Rochester Arts Festival… sort of

This weekend I am going to Rochester, New York. People running a festival though my writing was good enough to have my come up and do a reading of some poems. They had chosen eight and had asked me to do some visual art. I am so NOT an artist, but I had managed to make a digital poster for each poem. I had also agreen to do analog art? The photographs below are the first two stages. I have found a piece of furniture being thrown out and grab three of the drawers and disassembled them. This had given me twelve panels, three different sizes. I used some old enamel house paint as a base and then “attempted” to do calligraphy, hiragana, katakana and kanji. This was done in red calligraphy ink. Over this will be the poem written with black calligraphy ink and maybe, hopefully, rubification on the first letter or each poem. If it is green, is it emeralification?  The fifth photograph should be rotated ninty degrees.

101_0645 101_0644 101_0647 101_0651 101_0652 101_0653


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