The repeating of history…

though it did not take that long. i wonder if it ever does. which city in the united states is has the fastest internet speeds. lovely chatanooga, tennessee. amazing, isn’t it. what is more amazing is that the same companies that had come into power and are the united states’ major internet service provider are trying really had to stop the rest of the country from getting the same high quality, high spped service.

back when Ma Bell was the telephone company, the only one, the service was fantastic. now, not so much. however, a law suit had forced the monopoly to be broken up. what this had done was to fracture the responsibility for maintaining and advancing the internet and other communications backbones. now, since there were many companies, there were ways to deflect responsibility. with many companies there was no monopoly, right? wrong. in many areas consumers do not have choice when it come to the internet. also, the same carrier is often the source for the telephone and the television. the companies gladly bundle the services for you. often, after a certain time elapses, the cost balloon, just like those horrible mortgages some people used to have.

enter the utility companies, or a utility company. an utiltiy company? anyway, the EPB, Electrical Power Board, provides internet service to its customers that is fifty times faster that the rest of the country. i have fifty shades of envy. the high definataion movie that takes most of us twenty five minutes to download take thirty three seconds in chatanooga. it makes me think, does it make you think?


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