Pulling Sugar

Genus: Equus Species: Unicornis magna, physical evidence
Posted on November 9, 2014 by Matt Cody
I was visiting my brother and sister in law in the Oyster Bay Cove area. My brother wanted to try out a new lens he had bought, so he and I and his old Jack Russell terrier went to Sagamore Hill, which was President Teddy Roosevelts summer White House.

The grounds are a park and preserve, mostly a preserve, which extends about two thirds across the neck and ends at the shore of Cold Spring Harbor. There had been sightings of deer and bald eagles, so apparently many species were slowly working there way back to Long Island.

As my brother was wandering through the woods, with Jack in tow, I had though I had seen something on the other side of the trail. Trying to be quiet in the blanket of autumnal leaves, I failed. I was quiet, but not quiet enough. Naturally, I did not have my camera, because I never see anything really interesting, so there is no photograph. What I did see was a flash of very very bright white and a horse shaped animal speed away very fast and with just a whisper of sound. Below is a picture of the scat specimen. It was still warm, but hard and vitreous and the color reminiscent of tigerseye. It smelled of molasses, chocolate, orange and lemon. It seemed to be that the unicorn poo was natures equivilant to hard candy. I will try to get my nephew to try it first.Tiger Eye Candy


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