The assination of the people in France is sad and disturbing, but i cannot figure out why we are so quiet about all the new peoples death in Russia

when the constitution and bill of rights had been written, i wonder if the people back then knew how luck and forward looking the authors were. probably more so than the people of today. there is mostly seperation of church and state, mostly freedom of the press, etc. it isn’t perfect, but if there is a grievance, and there are, the most certainly get pointed out through some of the thousands of outlet we have for sharing information. when ever a country shuts down the press, the internet and other forms and ways individuals get information, it is a reflection of corruption as seen in the article about the USSR. there hasn’t been a Russia since 1918. people are shocked by the assination of the people in france, yet there is a darth of outrage over the assinations of reporters in the USSR. WHY?


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