An Etheree and an Acrostic

Below is an etheree.  While roaming Azeroth as a baby warlock, this allowed me to survive quite a bit longer.



Very loud

Most popular

Inciting the crowds

Confusing angry mobs

Allowing their destruction

Protecting me with sacrifice

Creating time and space to function

Excised soul the price to make me  precise

An acrostic, that i hope you will enjoy.


Laminates of every color and hue.

In hard smooth tubes that are a pleasure to bear.

Protecting flesh so soft and so true.

Succulent treasures, encased with care.

Textures coaxing, will passion ensue?

Inviting to taste, if you would dare.

Caution crumbles, willpower’s through.

Kissing her lips, she does ensnare.


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