I Cannot Multitask…

i am in the process of moving posts from my old site to here, and trying to figure out how to get on the “new” site was headache inducing.  i had put some molasses in water and was warming it before adding yeast.  my challanging time with wordpress was interupted by the smell of carbon forming on the botom of the pot, ooppssie.  now that i am here, i might as well post something, so a hiku and then maybe i will try to figure out how to turn auto correct off, if i have enough aspirin.

a hiku,

Blinding icy light

Dragon falling from the sky

Snow melts colored red


an acrostic that is also a limerick


Dimly lit room down by the sea,

Redheaded lady pouring drinks for free.

Erotically she starts to undress.

Arching her back as she start to caress.

My sweetie screams “you’d best be dreaming of me!”





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