being limited to 140 characters does make writing challenging, so here a three poems that are tweets. i hope you enjoy them. they are all acrostics.

Tender, flakey,sweet of heart.
Alluring to my eyes and lips.
Reaching you,my tongue does dart.
Tasting you,my heartbeat skips.

Binding creaks,a warning sound.
Of evil things slithering around.
Overactive imagination,
Keeps anticipation,
Soaring with words that are bound.

Mind that’s idle needs a start.
Unguided views lost in the dross.
Sifting all the rubble is that hardest past.
Excavating treasure in the chaos

New year pops with champagne.
Inviting hope, but fears do reign.
Gifts of tomorrow.
Hope, joy and sorry.
Tears of joy mixed with pain

opps, there are four.


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